The Latest Technological Advances in Trucks



The roads are full of vehicles. From two-wheelers to huge locomotives, there are different vehicles to choose from. There are different brands enhancing and modifying the cars in the same segment. It is not only the luxury cars which are being loaded with features and subject to newer technologies, but the heavy vehicles are also being modified day in and day out to have efficient engines and more features for the driver’s easy.

The garbage trucks, old or new, are being experimented with different technologies. It is both, the big brands as well as the local mechanics or garage owners who are trying from their end to create a more fuel efficient and a more powerful truck. In fact, the used garbage trucks for sale are bought either to be modified or to be tested for compatibility with the new technologies.


The various technological changes that can be seen in this segment of vehicles are:


Alternative fuel trucks: The diesel and petrol driven trucks have been in use ever since the advent of the vehicles. The trucks which run on fuel are however not too efficient in terms of emissions. To make the truck fuel efficient, there has been a lot of research and work to run the trucks on alternative fuels like the natural gas, LPG and other fuels available in abundance. Different countries are rich in different fuels and hence every country is trying to drive the garbage trucks on the fuel that is readily available in their country. Many trucks run on electricity powered batteries.


Trucks which run on alternative fuels are quieter, use less fuel and emit less. This makes trucks powered by alternative fuel cheaper and environment-friendly.


Hybrid truck technology:


There are many experiments conducted in the hybrid technology space. The hybrid technology includes storing the energy that is produced during the braking phase of the truck in lithium-ion batteries. This energy which is stored can further be used for different purposes.

The fuel that is utilised in the stop-start movement of the trucks which was wasted earlier can be put to use through this technology.


Improvement in the existing truck engines:


Although there are several alternative fuel driven trucks available, there are already many diesel-powered trucks which are on the road. There are innovations in making these trucks fuel efficient by maintaining the trucks well. The trucks are usually taken for regular repairs and maintenance to make sure that the emissions from the trucks are low and the trucks which are creating menace in the environment are discarded or modified.


Solid waste management system:


The trucks are integrated with an application which has the features like tracking the trucks, calculating and estimating the arrival time of the truck at the given route and notifying the residents about the same, updating the route taken by the truck everyday, providing the log-in panel to the residents for any update in address or for asking queries. This application would make the solid waste management system a more hassle-free and smart process.


These advancements would make solid waste management a cost-efficient process and make the otherwise noisy and polluting garbage trucks quieter and more efficient.


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