What to Check for After Post-Collision Repair

With an estimated 6 million car accidents in the United States each year, chances are you’ve already been in an accident and your vehicle is in a body shop. At some point, you’ll be notified that your car is ready. Perhaps you did your due diligence before selecting a business, but now you have concerns about the work. Here are some things to check for before you drive off.

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Inspect Damaged Areas

Closely inspect all areas that were repaired. Examine the body panel seams for uneven gaps. Check all doors to see if they open easily and close securely. In general, you should look for airbag deployment and replacement. Make sure that wires and hoses are connected. Verify that your lights work as expected. Request to see paperwork that documents the work was done and make sure you understand everything. A good business that offers collision repair Lakewood CO will thoroughly detail the work that has been done and stand behind it.

Scrutinize the Paint Job

Matching the paint to the rest of your car is one of the most difficult aspects of collision repair. It’s best to pick up your vehicle during the day and observe its appearance in the sun. Make sure you do a close inspection and then step back. Carefully go over multiple times, looking for imperfections in the paint and finish.

Do a Test Drive

You should also do a quick test drive before you approve the work. Listen for strange noises, handling irregularities and performance issues. Your automobile should drive and steer as expected. If anything seems wrong, discuss with the technician. Do not sign off on the work until you’re completely satisfied. At this point, be sure to confirm the warranty (mileage and time) as some issues may not show up until much later.

It is important to thoroughly inspect your vehicle after undergoing collision repair. Restoring your car to pre-accident conditions is not an easy process. Don’t be in such a hurry that you neglect to carefully check before approving and driving off.

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