How to Secure Your USA Trip With Travel Insurance

It is always advisable to opt for travel insurance while you are visiting any part of the USA. Travel insurance policies are the best way to secure your USA trip from any unexpected incidents and health emergencies. Healthcare can add a huge financial burden on tourists in USA and a travel insurance policy protects the tourists in such eventualities. And not just the health issues, the travel insurance also covers the expenses incurred due to loss of passport and luggage, loss of documents and other unforeseen events such as flight cancellation, etc.

Why to get travel insurance for USA?

Like the Schengen countries, getting a travel insurance policy is not mandatory for USA but it is advisable to opt for one. America is a huge country and it has so many amazing destinations that you might want to explore on your trip. However, if the trip doesn’t go as per your plan, it may become difficult for you to sustain financially and otherwise. Making alternate travel arrangements and paying hospital bills can cause a real big dent in your travel budget. A travel insurance policy can take care of such expenses in USA and let you enjoy your USA trip without any hassles. Now you can apply for travel insurance in India with any reputed insurer, such as Bharti AXA, before you start your trip to the USA.

What is covered in USA travel insurance?

The travel insurance policy not only covers the health emergencies but it also covers other unforeseeable situations while you are on a trip to the USA. The insurance covers…

  1. Medical Expenses including Dental treatments
  2. Repatriation Expenses
  3. Compensation for accidental injuries
  4. Daily allowance in case of hospitalization
  5. Theft/ Loss of Passport and other documents
  6. Assistance in case of Trip Cancellation/Interruption
  7. Home fire coverage while you are on the USA trip

Things to consider before getting USA travel insurance

  • What types of situations are covered in the travel insurance plans for USA?
  • Is the insurance plan suitable for you and your family members’ age?
  • What is the limit of medical expenses coverage?
  • How much daily allowance will be given in case of hospitalization?
  • Apart from medical emergency, does the policy cover non-medical emergencies?
  • Is repatriation and medical evacuation covered in the insurance?
  • What is the process of claims? Direct Billing or Reimbursements?
  • What are the other benefits of the insurance?

Travel insurance plans usually come with extremely affordable premium rates. This premium is a very small price that you need to pay to cover a huge range of accidental expenses. Also, you can get a family floater plan to cover your entire family under one travel insurance policy. Also, the travel insurance policy may cover the damage to your home in case of burglary or fire, while you are on the trip to USA, which is a very valuable added benefit. So, opt for a USA travel insurance policy and enjoy your vacation without any worries.