How and Where To Disinfect Your Car

How and Where To Disinfect Your Car

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We all know that when a person is unwell, they can infect other people, especially during the cold season. As they cough or sneeze, or handle other objects, bacteria spreads easily to other people. That is why you need to disinfect your car often. Even if it hardly protects you from someone coughing or sneezing, it can protect you from picking up germs left on surfaces. Here is how and where you can disinfect your car.

Focus on Areas That People Touch

Even though washing the whole interior will leave you with a clean and fresh-smelling car, there are certain areas you need to focus on if you are worried about sickness. The most obvious parts are the steering wheels, and the car handles (both inside and outside). You should also focus on the gear selector, various knobs and car buttons on the dashboard, lids for bins and cupholders, the keys, the grab handles, and the rearview mirror. If you are confident something has not been touched, for instance, if the driver’s seat is intact and no one has adjusted it, you do not have to clean the seat controls. 

Clean The Upholstery

It would be best to clean the upholstery, including the headrests, backrests, seatback pockets, and armrest. Soap and water can do the trick on most types of upholstery. However, there are some things you will have to remember. Fabric upholstery comes with a few challenges. If you use too much soap and water, drying the seat might be a problem, and the stain might end up spreading. Therefore, use a small quantity of soapy water, then wipe. For leather, go with products recommended by professionals so that it does not crack. 

Do Not Scrub Too Hard

Disinfecting your car is not the same as cleaning a car. You are not looking to get the car sparkling clean but rather safe for those about to use it. The point is not to remove dirt but to kill germs on various surfaces. That means you do not have to scrub too much.

As suggested by Huntsville Car Dealership, getting a disinfecting product makes the job much easier to do. Get a microfiber cloth and apply the disinfecting product, then gently wipe those surfaces. Cleaning the car vigorously with a disinfectant will only damage the car’s interior faster. If you want to clean and disinfect the vehicle simultaneously, then first use the usual car care products that are gentle. 

Watch Out for the Products You Are Using

When disinfecting the car, avoid cleaning products with ammonia, bleach, or peroxide. Not only are they harsh for a car’s interior, but they can easily strip away dyes, protective coating, and the underlying material. Some alcohol-based products are suitable for the car’s interior except for leather. Water and soap are also effective, but you also have to be careful not to get surfaces extremely wet.

Disinfecting your car is important, especially if you use it as a taxi or you have small kids in the house. It reduces the chances of you and other people getting sick and ensures your commute in a clean and fresh car.