Car Washing Tips- Keep Your Car Shining

If you wipe your own car then it just not only make you feel great rather it makes your journey excellent. If you keep the exterior of your car cleans then it maintains the new-car surface that could also save the higher resale value. The clean car also makes an impression on the customer when you sell your car in Dubai or anywhere else easily. That extra value can’t be realized if you only pick the bucket and sponge when mud and dirt accumulate.

The car washing will remove the dust, pollutants, bird droppings and other contaminants that make your car’s finish dirty. In this article, you will get some car washing tips and these will be definitely helpful for you in taking care of your vehicle. Also if you sell your car to someone, He will pay you a pretty good cost of it.

5 Tips Regarding Car Washing


Car washing is not very complex, but there are definitely a few methods to take into consideration. Some traditional ways of cleaning cars like using a dishwasher soap can also damage your car’s exterior. Also, I sell my car in Dubai and gets the potential customers due to its first impression. Come after the list below to clean your car and help increase its value:

●     Don’t wait until your car is extremely dirty

As bugs, bird droppings, and pollutants may dull your car’s body. Moreover, in extreme cases, it peels the paint. Do not believe in the weekly car wash advice as all or nothing. If you wash your car every month then it is likely sufficient to maintain your car’s exterior or appearance. Another tip is that always wash your car after acid rain or the paint could be permanently gashed.

●     Do not wash a hot car.

In summers usually, High temperatures and hot water can make cleaning more difficult. If you wash your car with extremely hot water or you wash the hot car then it may damage the paint. So you have to park your car in the shade or wait until the hot sunny day passes before getting started.

●     Do invest in the proper supplies.

There are many cleaning products that are created specifically for cars. Like a large sponge or a wash mitt and a hose with running water are must items for washing a car for its maintenance so that you can sell any car in Dubai or the USA at best resale value. Cleaners selected for cars are necessary. They are really gentle for paint, though you may need some special products, such as tar remover, for hard spots. A clean sponge or wash mitt is essential to help in avoiding scratches. But, the most important thing that you need is water. If you don’t have access to the hose with running water. Then you must rely on water in a bucket for washing your car.

●     Do wash the car in sections.

Here is another tip that is to work on one area at a time: washing, rinsing, and drying. Moreover don’t move the sponge or mitt in a circular motion because it can create swirl marks. So you have to move the sponge in straight lines. Clean your car properly before you plan to sell any car in Dubai, it will give a good impression of your car. 

●     Do wax your car twice a year.

Here are some people who believe in waxing but it damages a car’s exterior and looks.  They thought it protects the finish and proves to be useful for the maintenance of a car. particularly if you own your vehicle and want to sell your car in Dubai or USA or trade it in someday. You should wax your car in the fall as it is the best time, before the snowfalls. Also, in the spring before the hot weather arrives.

Taking a closer look at your car’s finish

Washing a car in a proper way is really important. It maintains the value of your vehicle and keep the dust and rust away from the car. Moreover, you also need to make sure that if you find any rock chips that go to the primer or below and spot fix them according to directions. If not, that is a rust spot that seems to happen. By being careful about car washing, you can sell any car in Dubai or Developed countries easily at the higher resale value and you just proud that you drive that vehicle for years.