What to consider before renting a car

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Do you travel a lot or are you planning on traveling? Did you know renting a car during your travels saves you money? Taxies can be expensive especially if you are on a tight and hectic schedule. Public transport too cannot be relied upon because of the unpredictable nature of their schedules. However, the car rental process can be hectic for many travelers. But it doesn’t have to be, follow these tips and rent a car easily;

1.  Save money and use credit cards

Most car rental companies recommend the use of credit cards while renting cars. Credit cards are a surety that you will take care of the car and in case you run into traffic trouble when driving the car then the bill will be credited to your account.  According to Europcar reviews using debit cards can be costly to you with an extra fee being charged.

2.  Check the Car’s interior and exterior

Before, you take responsibility for the car make sure you inspect it for dents. Dents and damages in the car’s interior will see you pay an extra repair cost to the car rental company.

3.  Don’t rent at the airport

Car rental companies at the airport charge exorbitant fees for rental services. Avoid these high fees by planning. There are a lot of online car rental service providers like Europcar who you can use to arrange for a car which you will use when you arrive.

4.  Avoid off-roading

Check your rental contract before you take the rental off-road. Some car rental companies will impose a fine if you go off-roading. Most damages caused by off-roading are not covered by the rental insurance whether it’s cleaning costs or towing fees.

5.  Confirm the fuel the car uses

Most car rental companies will rent out fully fueled cars and expect you to return the car in the same condition. Asking in advance the fuel the vehicle runs on will help you avoid the inconvenience of guessing whether to fuel with unleaded or diesel.

6.  Plan your itinerary

Planning your itinerary in advance will help you avoid extra fuel cost If you are going on a vacation, mapping out all the tourist attractions you want to visit will not only save you time but will give you the freedom to know which attraction to visit first.

7.  Keep car keys safe

Unless you want to call for AAA services, then ensure you always keep the car keys safe at all times. Avoid extra charges levied by car rental companies on lost keys by ensuring you keep the keys with you at all times.

8.  Avoid partying in rentals

The major cause of road fatalities is drivers under the influence of alcohol. If you know you are going out on a drinking spree during your vacation, leave the rental behind and hail a cab. It’s better to be safe than suffer huge financial losses in repairs for rented cars.  Car rental companies will charge you for damages caused by carelessness.

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