Digital screen installation service of Rhenus Lupprians

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The LED display is an out-of-home advertising form where video content, advertising, and or messaging can be displayed on the LED Display with the shared purpose of delivering targeted messages. LED Display has better interactive capability compared with other outdoor advertising media in the form of printing material. Because the content is more specific to the multimedia touch, it allows the intended audience to receive more messages delivered.

Currently, Rhenus Lupprians accepts digital screen installation services, either for manual type, motorized or fixed screen models. Rhenus Lupprians work on the installation of screens/screen Digital screen various brands and small or large sizes ranging from 1 Meter, 2 meters, to 6 meters either a hanging mounting on the wall or ceiling. For the moment presentation display needs have become a primary need for both schools, office places of worship and public spaces.

With experienced technicians in their field. Rhenus Lupprians is present to provide end-to-end logistics solutions. From high-tech storage warehouses to screens, for the delivery and installation of digital screens. If you have trouble determining the right model of the digital screen for the room, please consult with Rhenus Lupprians.

Motorized/automatic screen installation Services

The motorized screen is a digital screen equipped with a remote and the switch in use requires an electric flow, equipped with buttons up and down for the screen. In the installation of digital screen, that should be considered is the receiver and remote settings, for the installation of the display itself, can be hung on the wall or ceiling in the ceiling depending on the room.

Manual Screen installation Service hanging

For the installation of the Hanging manual type, the screen is more simple because it does not require receiver or power settings. To note in the installation of the manual screen is the average between the right and left side because if the tilt mounted will be very visible and affect the display of the digital screen.

Rhenus Lupprians received mounting digital screen for the Ashford, Milton Keynes, Manchester and Glasgow areas. For the installation purpose of the digital screen do not hesitate to contact Rhenus Lupprians.

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