How To Lay a Gravel Driveway

A gravel driveway can be low maintenance as well as decorative and attractive. Laying a drive such as this can be simple with the right direction. Here are a few steps to installing a gravel driveway.

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Stake a Claim

Before you call your local quarry to see if what truck loads available to haul your rock, you will want to mark off where you want your driveway to be. You can do this with rope and stakes you will pound into the ground. You will want to start this path at the curb and finish it where you want the drive to end.

Clear the Area

Tear up the sod and dirt in this section to prepare it for the gravel. You will want all the grass gone before you start laying rock. You can either use a shovel to pull it up yourself or if you have access to heavy machinery, you can bring it up with a loader or bulldozer. Once the vegetation is gone, you will need to even out the ground to prepare for the gravel.

Lay the Rock

Calculate how much gravel you will need in comparison to the area you are covering. The quarry you are purchasing it from can help you with this estimate. Once you have bought the rock, arrange for its transport to your home. You will need to lay the gravel in layers, starting with the base layer then continuing with two more levels. To do this, you will need a wheelbarrow and a shovel. Multiple sets of hands would be best for this labor also. Be sure to smooth the rock out as you are laying it to have a flat driveway. You will also want it to slope slightly with the peak running down the center of your drive to encourage water to stream off when it rains.