Ready To Become an Owner-Operator?

Are you a professional employee driver considering a move to owner-operator? Do you enjoy getting paid to see the country and wonder whether lease to own truck driving jobs may be right for you?  There are pros and cons to both employee driving and owner-operator driving. Here are three suggestion to keep in mind as you consider leasing, owning, or leasing to own.

Analyze the Amount of Responsibility

In addition to exploring the facts, costs, and benefits of working as an employee versus an owner-operator, it’s a good idea to compare how much responsibility is involved. Contrast that with how much responsibility you want at present. For example, employee drivers often do not have to worry about the cost of truck and trailer maintenance, health benefits and insurance. Owner-operators, on the other hand, own a valuable asset that requires more of a commitment, both in terms of time and money.

Weigh Freedoms and Finances

While owning your rig is a bigger responsibility, it also means you have more freedom to choose what to haul and how much money to charge doing it. Owner-operators, on the whole, earn a higher average annual income than employee drivers do.

That said, in a leased vehicle, you get the benefit of changing rigs every few years, much like you would with a personal leased vehicle. While the earning opportunities are usually fewer as an employee driver, so are the risks and obligations.

Talk to Other Truck Drivers

One of the best ways to do your research and make an informed opinion is to talk to other drivers. Drivers are usually free with their experiences and information and are a great reference when considering making the move from professional driver to owner-operator.

It won’t take long to determine what is the best fit for you. Doing the homework in advance will ensure your satisfaction down the road. Safe travels!

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