Road Risk Factors in South Africa and Why You Need Security Drivers

Road Risk Factors in South Africa and Why You Need Security Drivers

Due to the variety of road risk factors that are unique to South Africa, having experienced security drivers handle your transport requirements will help you manage these specific risks effectively. Security driver jobs include the safe transportation of clients with a proactive approach, as well as using professional driving skills to drive reactively against dangers and hazards. The role that bodyguard and security escort companies play in managing the various road risk factors on behalf of visitors has made an impact by offering tourists a safe transport alternative.

Poor Road Infrastructure

One of the more commonly recognised road risk factors in South Africa is the poor road infrastructure which is prevalent in many areas of the country. Due to the poor conditions of many of the roads, people who are familiar with the landscape will have more skill in handling or avoiding potholes, crumbling shoulders and dull or non-existent road markings. Bodyguard and security escort companies also ensure that their drivers have completed practical training,such as collision avoidance, in order to handle any terrain.

Hijacking and Theft

More well-known risk factors of South Africa’s roads are criminal activities, such as hijacking and “smash-and-grabs”. The high crime rate is proof that these are regular incidents that happen across the country.Most visitors from abroad do not know where the high-risk areas are, and even if they did, these incidents can occur anywhere. As part of the many functions of a security driver, they need to ensure that they keep their passengers safe using their defensive and tactical driving skills.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Although not as common as the former mentioned risk factors, South Africa’s roads are sometimes subjected to extreme weather conditions. Flooding is a common occurrence during South Africa’s rainfall season, and this can make the roads extremely dangerous, particularly in low-lying areas. Security drivers who have been trained in advanced driving and skid control will be able to handle these conditions.They will also know which areas to avoid and which are more affected by flooding.

So, if you’re visiting from overseas, if you have a guest coming over, or if you need to go somewhere unfamiliar, keep yourself safe on South Africa’s roads with expert security drivers from leading close protection companies.