3 Tips to Staying Safe on the Road as a Truck Driver

Road safety becomes even more important when the majority of your time on the clock involves driving for long distances. There are many ways you can keep yourself safe while still enjoying the adventurous life of driving trucks for a living. Before you go out on your next job, look over the following tips to make sure you’re prepared.

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Have Emergency Contacts Available

Make sure you have emergency contacts on hand just in case something goes wrong and you are unable to get assistance through dispatch. Have a number for emergency services for areas you’re visiting and commercial emergency road service. In addition to inputting the contacts in your phone, consider carrying a card that lists out numbers of important contacts that you keep in your wallet in case your phone loses its charge.

Get a Trucking GPS Unit, Mount and Maps

To ensure you are adequately prepared when it comes to navigating to your next destination, keep all the proper tools on hand. A trucking GPS unit will show you information that’s vital to truck drivers such as ideal exits and truck-restricted routes. Keep a mount available so that you can easily see your GPS unit even while driving. Having maps on hand will ensure you will still be able to look for routes even if your GPS stops working and your cell phone loses its charge.

Take Rest Breaks Often

While you may be in a rush to reach your destination as soon as possible, taking regular rest stops is integral to maintain driver safety. Avoid driving for unnecessarily long stretches without taking intermittent breaks to stretch your legs, use the restroom and have a snack. By taking breaks on and off, you will help keep yourself alert while on the road.

By using the tips listed above, you will be able to stay safe while enjoying your life on the road.

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