The Advantages of Electric Cars That Make It a Family Choice

The future is here, electric cars that used to be just a dream are now increasingly popular. Of course, this is a breath of fresh air for people who want a better driving solution. This is also inseparable from the many advantages of electric cars that cannot obtain from gasoline-fueled cars.

Not only cars, company assets such as fork lifts also use electricity and quality fork lift batteries can be found in trusted stores and marketplaces. Here are the advantages of using an electric car.

Environmentally friendly

Gasoline-based cars produce emissions in the form of CO2 and CO gas which are not only bad for the environment, but also for human health. Coupled with the large number of gasoline-fueled cars on the streets, it adds to the urgency to choose alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. This is one of the advantages of electric cars.

Instead of emitting smoke into the air like gasoline-fueled cars, the use of electric cars can help reduce air pollution. In fact, one electric car can reduce air pollution by up to 4.6 metric tons of greenhouse gases. In addition, electric power can be generated from renewable energy sources that can always be renewed. In contrast to gasoline, which is taken from petroleum, which cannot be renewed and the amount continues to decrease.

Smoother ride

Driving comfort is one of the advantages of electric cars. You don’t have to worry about the car making noise or vibrating when it’s speeding down the street. Electric cars more silent engines, especially when driven on a full battery. So, your trip with your family will be more comfortable by using an electric car.

This has also prompted the Minister of Transportation to issue a new regulation that requires electric cars to be equipped with speakers in order to produce sound with a frequency of 75 decibels. That way, electric cars can drive more safely without compromising driving comfort.

Easy car maintenance

Spark plugs, oil, radiators, and so on. A handful of the many gasoline-fuel car maintenance that must end regularly. However, you don’t need to worry about these things when driving an electric car. Easy car maintenance is the advantage of electric cars that many people are looking for.

You no longer need to remember the oil change schedule or car engine terms because electric cars only consist of batteries. What’s more, the electric car’s engine is also more upgraded, so it doesn’t require too complicated car maintenance.

Safe driving

In addition to driving comfort, safety is also a priority when you are choosing a car. The advantages of electric cars also lie in terms of safety. Electric cars must have gone through a type test process such as car endurance tests, fire and water resistance tests, and vibration and shock tests. In particular, electric cars are equip Intelligent Transport System (ITS), will cut off electricity to the engine when a collision occurs.

The air bag will open and the car’s engine will automatically turn off, thereby reducing the risk of serious injury to passengers. The advantages of this electric car that make it one of the safest transportation options.

Save for the long term

There are still many people who are hesitant to choose an electric car as a family car because of the price factor. Indeed, the price of electric cars is still somewhat more expensive than some gasoline-fueled cars, but this is only a preliminary calculation. As you know, the cost of owning a gasoline-fueled car is in the form of the basic costs of buying the car itself, routine maintenance costs, gasoline costs, and tax costs. The advantages of electric cars, among others, you can save all these costs.

Electric cars do not require oil and gasoline, you can simply charge the battery using electricity at home. Research also shows that to cover 120 kilometers, an electric car only costs $5, while a gasoline-powered car can cost twice as much.

Interested in the various advantages of electric cars offered above? It’s time for you to clear your doubts about buying an electric car.

There are many advantages of electric cars that you would not want to miss.