Make Money Recycling Scrap Metal

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There are numerous ways to make extra money. You are probably familiar with the typical ones that are suggested such as taking paid surveys, reselling items on eBay, selling used books, and the like. Here’s one you may not have heard of: Make money by recycling scrap metal.

What Kinds of Scrap Metal are Valuable?

It really helps to know your metals because some are worth more than others. These are the big four scrap metals you should consider:

  • Copper, a reddish metal that tarnishes green
  • Aluminum, a silvery, lightweight malleable metal
  • Brass, a heavy yellowish mix of copper and zinc, and
  • Steel, a highly durable and strong metal that is highly recyclable.

Of the big four, you will fetch the most for copper and brass. Aluminum, worth less than copper or brass, is a common packaging material for beverages and is so lightweight that you can easily transport a large amount of it to the scrap buyer. Steel is a very common metal, but heavy, and you may need quite a bit of it to make any real money. 

How To Sell Your Scrap Metal

There are firms that operate as aggregators of scrap metal. They generally don’t have a super high profile like a new car distributor, but almost every medium- to large-sized community has one or more. For example, you may have a large pile of used aluminum cans on your property and looking for a scrap metal recycling company Byram Township NJ. You can bring the aluminum to the firm and they will pay you cash on the spot. In some cases, the firm will come to your location and transport the scrap metal for you. You’ll be happy to know that in addition to being paid, you are helping the environment at the same time.