The Best Projects to Tackle on Your Next Staycation

If you’re finding yourself at home more than usual or have decided to take a staycation, you might want to tackle some projects. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Shine up Your Old Beater

If you’ve got an older or classic vehicle in your garage, it may be time to freshen it up. With newer cars, detailing them is usually enough, but older cars typically require more. You may want to repair or replace torn or worn upholstery. You may also wish to de-haze the plastic headlights for better visibility at night. If your old or classic vehicle is in terrible shape, you can replace some of it with used truck body parts.

Mend Your Fences

If your fence is weathered and tilting, now is an excellent time to make it right. A sound perimeter keeps animals where they should be, keeps your property secure, and respects your neighbors’ land. Quick patch jobs with wood or wire you have lying around can be an easy fix. You may also need to dig up and re-sink a post or two. If you have peeling paint, scrape it off and put on a new coat.

Tune-up Your Equipment

Your warm-weather tools have been lying dormant all winter and will need some love before you put them to use. Brush off grass clippings from your weed eater. Put oil on your blades, files, saws, motors, hinges, and axles. Patch tires and add air. Recharge batteries on portable tools. Run gas-powered tools and clear any exhaust or build-up. Reconnect your irrigation systems.

There always seems to be projects around the house and yard. With more time around the house, you can get a lot done! Take this time to work on your old car, secure your fenceline, and care for your equipment.

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