3 Times You Should Use a Luxury Bus Rental

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When you have a big group of friends or a large family, you know that sometimes finding cars to fit everyone and enough available parking can be a nightmare. One car finds a spot, and then the other has to park on the complete opposite side of the lot, while another car might have to park down the block. Save yourself the hassle by renting a luxury bus so everyone can go together. Here are some times you should use a luxury bus rental.

1. Weekend Getaway

When you are going on a road trip for the weekend, you want to have fun with your friends during the ride, and you can’t do that when you’re all in different cars. Rather than taking multiple cars, hire a luxury bus rental for the weekend. Most smaller busses can fit around 15 people, while the larger ones can fit 50 people.

Renting a bus for the weekend means that you’re also renting a driver, so you can sit back and enjoy the company of your friends and let the driver do all of the work.

2. Wedding

If you’re having a wedding at a home without a lot of extra parking, or a popular downtown venue with only street parking, then you don’t want your guests to have to park far away and walk to the wedding venue. Instead, have your guests park at one large parking lot and then hire luxury bus rentals Birmingham Al to take them back and forth during the night. Depending on how many guests you have attending the wedding, you might want to consider hiring a few busses, so people aren’t sitting and waiting for a ride for too long. 

3. Wine Tasting

Going wine tasting means that you and your friends likely won’t be in the proper state to drive, but you don’t want to go home after just one winery. That’s why you should hire a luxury bus rental. You’ll have a designated driver, and they’ll take you to as many wineries as you can handle. 

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