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Applications have become very popular nowadays. From the launch of Facebook which has over 2 billion active users to twitter, snap chat, and YouTube. All these popular apps were once in the development stage and their developers had to consider some factors before launching the apps.

Mobile apps have been known to make overnight millionaires. An example would be Dong Nguyen who was the creator of flappy bird. It is believed that he was earning 50,000 USD from the app each day from advertisements but that is a story for another day.

As you continue reading this post you will learn about the factors which every application developer, business owner and even service providing company must consider before developing a mobile app.  Here are 10 things to consider.

·        Research.

Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft once said that the way you get innovation is by funding research. In today’s world research is very crucial because of competition. You need to have a research department that will always be looking for new information. Key areas to make research on are market demand, customer demand, and emerging trends.

·        Know Your Target Audience.

It is common knowledge among the commons that if you don’t take care of your customers some else will. You need to ask yourself who are the users of your application. Your target audience is the most important people who you should take care of. This is because they will determine the expansion and growth of your app.

·        Choosing The Right Platform.

A platform is where your application will be deployed or hosted. You need to know where your app will be deployed. There 3 main mobile platforms where you can deploy your app. Android app store is used to deploy android apps. The IOS app store is used to deploy iOS apps running on the iPhone, MacBook’s, and iPad. The windows store is used to deploy apps running on Windows devices.

The right platform for your application will be determined by many factors. You need to know the demographics of the countries you are deploying to like population and income.

·        Have A Plan.

Not having a plan is planning to fail. You need to have a plan and understand the entire process of application development. Planning takes a lot of time and effort but it’s worth your time. As you develop your application you need to be aware of the different stages of mobile development and keep monitoring and controlling these stages.

The obvious stages of mobile application development are project management, application architecture, application design, application development methodology, application testing, enhancement, and application deployment.

·        Have A Budget.

Each application requires investment, well-researched knowledge, and a business strategy. Each application stage will cost you some money and you need to allocate properly.

It is important to know how much the application development will cost you. Otherwise, your application will come to a standstill midway. If necessary, apply for funding from sponsors.

·        Be Creative.

Apple Inc. is said to have the most cash reserves in the world. Steve Jobs instilled a creative culture on Apple’s employees and the statement think different is Apple’s slogan.iPhones are unique phones yet they are very expensive but people keep buying new ones.

People even queue for long hours just to get a newly released iPhone. The point is that in today’s world you need to think outside the box. Be unique and offer your customers something that they can’t find elsewhere.

·        Simplicity and Efficiency.

Users expect to use applications that run seamlessly. Your app should be simple to use and be efficient to the users. There are many factors that you need to consider to make your app efficient.

No one likes to use an application that takes forever to load. Make sure that your applications load fast. Another important factor is the memory space your app takes. Don’t make huge apps otherwise, users won’t download it.

You need to also check the amount of data your application consumes. Mobile data is expensive and no one likes recharging their data bundles now and then. Processing power, battery usage, and security are other factors to consider.

·        User Experience and User Interface.

This is how the users feel when they are using your application. You need to make users feel like they are at home and make them feel comfortable. This will make them come back again.

In today’s digital landscape, having excellent user experience and interface determines which applications thrive. Make sure that everything is functioning as it is supposed to. Another important feature is proving excellent customer service to users.

·        Have a Marketing Strategy.

Building an app that has no targeted users is a waste of time. You need to have a marketing strategy on how to promote your app even before launching the app.

Let people be aware that your app is coming soon. Make a buzz if need be. Your marketing strategy will depend on your target audience and what you are offering. Most people market through online campaigns.

·        Testing.

You as the app owner are the first user of the app. Before launching your app test it thoroughly. Check for everything that has been discussed in this article.

Your main area of focus should be on the user experience, user interface, and the efficiency of the application. Make any adjustments before launching the app and keep researching on better ways to improve.


The final words would be to notify you that there is huge potential in mobile applications. By 2021 mobile application users will have skyrocketed to about 4 billion people. Regardless of the industry mobile apps are an important tool for any business. To learn more about apps go to newgenapps.com