Three Must-Have Aftermarket Improvements for Your Truck

When it comes to automobiles, perhaps none is as iconic as the pickup truck. Although commonly procured for work purposes, particularly towing and hauling, the truck is often a go-to for buyers looking for a spacious, comfortable and even luxurious ride. Although many are equipped with various amenities, here are some must-have accessories you should consider if you’re in the market.

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Whether you’re buying a truck as a people mover or for work, you can use more storage. Pickups usually include glove compartments and center stack storage, but these are limited in size. Consider adding a storage compartment that fits under the backseat of an extended cab or crew cab. These under-the-seat caddies allow you to store items such as jumper cables, work equipment, etc. out of view.

Bed Liners

Even if you don’t intend on hauling items in your truck’s bed regularly, you need a bed liner. Bed liners protect not only your bed surface but also your cargo. These liners provide a non-skid surface that reduces scratches and dents to the bed and items you’re carrying. Bed liners are typically available either as drop-in or spray-on. Drop-in liners are easily removable, but spray-on liners are permanent and much more durable. Consult a professional retailer/installer of sprayed-in bed liners to explore options and pricing.

Tonneau Cover

Available in a variety of configurations, colors and security levels, Tonneau covers add an extra layer of security to your truck’s bed. Unlike a wagon or sports utility vehicle, pickups don’t have cargo space that can be readily secured. Tonneau covers protect items in your bed. Some covers are made of softer materials that only hide items, while others are made of metal and can be locked with a key for security.

If you’ve recently bought a truck or are looking for one, consider these accessories. Whether you’re buying for leisure or work, adding storage, bed liner protection and bed cover security are ways to elevate the experience. There are a lot of options out there so investigate and budget accordingly.

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