Tips For Choosing Car Tires Correctly

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The Importance of Choosing Car Tires Correctly

One of the responsibilities of private vehicle owners is caring for tires. Tires are components that are owned by all types of vehicles both 2 wheels and 4 wheels. Because the use and intersect with the road every day, then at one point the tire must be replaced or filled with wind and so on. Why do tires have to be treated? This relates to the safety of motorists and vehicles when on the road.

Do not be too frugal to buy car tires, because the stakes are lives. Buy in an official and trusted place, because the tire will last longer and of course you will get an official tire guarantee that can be claimed at any time. One of the best quality car tire shops is the Mag Wheels Brisbane.

As a result of Tires Not Selected Correctly

Tires that are not chosen properly can cause death. Are the risks really that serious? This risk is not to frighten, because if someone chooses the wrong tire, it might happen on the road.

Or worse, vehicles cannot run in a balanced position, especially if the road conditions are steep enough. The worst consequences can hurt the driver to death.

Tips for Choosing Car Tires Correctly

Thus, car tires must be chosen carefully. One cannot just buy without first seeing how the product. Because it is very important and mistakes can be risky, involve others in this selection process and don’t be too frugal if you have to spend enough money so that good quality tires can be bought.

The following are tips for choosing the right car tires:

  1. Each Tire Has A Different Type

Don’t choose the wrong type of tire. Each vehicle has its own type and size. The type is carved on the drawer or door plaque, depending on the type of car. In addition, there are also those who put it near the fuel tank cap. The instructions for use can also be a place to include the type and size of the tire. This type is explained in the combination of code.

  • Tire Size

To examine the size of the tire, the owner must first know the meaning of the codes carved on the side surface of the tire. Actually, how to translate the code is quite easy. There are tube-type tires (with inner tubes) and tubeless (without inner tubes), there are also radial tires and bias tires, which are distinguished by the construction This size code can be read easily. When buying a car, be sure to ask if the tire specifications are correct.

  • Tire width

What needs to be known about the relationship between tire width and performance is that the wider the performance in terms of traction and acceleration can be maximized. However, the width of the tire here is also very limited by the size of the wheels. We recommend that you do not modify the vehicle in the tires and wheels because the performance is changed and does not match the capacity of the engine.

  • Carved Tire Pattern

The carving pattern of the tire is very important to ensure that this object is still fit in the owner’s vehicle. Why is that? Because this carving pattern is very important to increase the friction between the tire and the road. If the friction is small, the risk of slipping or slipping on the road will be greater. The worse result is that it can cause accidents. The best tires are with a V groove because of the high friction force.

In addition, with the rainy season and the streets often wet, this pattern will be able to maintain the position of tires and vehicles balanced and stable. This type of tire is usually priced at a more expensive price but its safety is guaranteed. Be careful of rogue tire engravers. Naughty in this case is that most carvers do not use new products so that the quality is already thin.

You can imagine if a tire that has been thinly carved again, would be very dangerous because the pressure and durability cannot withstand the burden of the vehicle and the load. Therefore, it is better to buy directly at the first-hand manufacturer or the manufacturer’s official store.

  • Tire thickness

A good tire is 50 thickness. If the tire is thicker, the balance and performance can go up. Conversely, without a good profile, the performance can be greatly decreased. The price of a high-profile tire is a little more expensive, but the comparison is not too far away. So, instead of changing frequently it’s better to choose the tire with the maximum capacity.

  • Year of Manufacture of Tires

How do you observe the year of manufacture of tires as a reference for their selection? First, pay attention to the tire code. There are four-digit numbers like code 0613. The code can be translated into the number 06 which means the time is made ban in the sixth week.

Then, the number 13 shows in what year the tire was produced. So, for code 0613 it means that the tire was made in the 6th week of 2013. Instead, choose a tire with a new year of manufacture. Because the quality is definitely different from the old tires. Not only that, but the storage process can also be one very important consideration. When stored for a long time there could be a problem, for example, if the storage area is damp or in direct sunlight.