How to Choose Tires Correctly

How to Choose Tires Correctly

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Friend, your car can’t run without tires. Tires are one important factor that can take you driving everywhere. Therefore, if your car tire is damaged, it can be a hassle. Already so, if you choose a tire that carelessly, it could be damaged too fast. You can find the best tires with the best quality at the tyre shop Gold Coast.

There are several things that you must know about car tires. Of course, you should know the type of tire, the year of manufacture, the carving pattern, and many more. Below, you can see how to choose the right tire. Let’s follow!

Tire Type

Tires have various types. The choice of tire type must be in accordance with the needs of your car. There are tires with the type ‘P’, which means passenger. The ‘P’ tire can be used for cars carrying passengers. There are also types of tires ‘LT’ which means Light Truck and ‘ST’ which means Special Trailer. Meanwhile, there is also type ‘T’ which means Temporary. The ‘T’ tire is also called the spare tire. There is also an ‘R’ tire that indicates radial tire criteria. Criteria for tires can be divided into Radial, Tubeless (without inner tubes), Tube-Type (with inner tires), and Bias. Inside the bias tire, there is a construction of interlaced thread braid. Generally, tires can be used by large commercial vehicles. Meanwhile, in the radial tire, there is a construction of braided thread arranged straight. Generally, radial tires are used by ordinary passenger cars.

Tire Size

After seeing the type of tire, you need to know the size of the car tire. The size of a car tire can be seen through the carved figures next to the tire, apparently in the form of a code structure. For example, the car has tires 185/55 R15 95H. Figure 185 shows how wide the sole of the tire is in millimeters. The width of a tire can affect the increase in speed performance of your car. Then, the number 55 shows the thickness of the tire compared to the width of the tire. Writing the number is the ratio of tires in percentage. Means the number 55 says that the thickness of the tire is 55% of 185 millimeters. The thicker a tire, the more balanced the car can be maintained.

Then the letter R states the Radial tire criteria. Figure 15 shows the diameter of the rim used in inches. Then, 95H is the maximum load capacity and speed limit that is safe to operate. The number 95 has a load index of 690 kg while the letter H symbolizes a maximum speed of up to 210 km/hour. Each car tire has a different maximum load capacity and speed. Here is a list:

Load Capacity

– Code 62: 265 kg

– Code 63: 272 kg

– Code 64: 280 kg

– Code 66: 300 kg

– Code 68: 315 kg

– Code 70: 335 kg

– Code 73: 365 kg

– Code 75: 387 kg

– Code 80–89: 450–580 kg

– Code 90–100: 600–800 kg

Maximum speed

– P-code: 150 km / hour

– Code Q: 160 km / hour

– Code R: 170 km / hour

– S code: 180 km / hour

– T-code: 190 km / hour

– Code H: 210 km / hour

– Code V: 240 km / hour

– Code W: 270 km / hour

– Y-code:> 300 km / hour

Carved Tires

Next, you can check the tire engraving. A good car tire must emphasize the amount of friction to the road. The greater the friction of a tire to the road, the risk of the car slipping can be minimized.

Production year

Choose tires that are still young, even better produced. Tires with a younger year of manufacture can guarantee that quality is maintained. You can see the code on the tire to find out its age.

There are four digits in a row, for example, 0814. The number 08 indicates the week of manufacture while the number 14 indicates the year of manufacture. It can be concluded the tire was made in the 8th week in 2014.

Do not be hasty in choosing a car tire. You need to understand the codes contained in the tire, read it carefully and then adjust it to the rim of your car. In fact, you also need to pay attention to where the car tire storage. Preferably, car tires are not stored in a humid place and also do not experience direct contact with sunlight. To get quality, of course, you are recommended to buy car tires in an official and trusted place.