The important role of Traffic Signs in Road User Districts

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Traffic signs are a part of public road facilities in the form of symbols, letters, numbers, and sentences that are made using boards and the like that are on the side of the road.

To be useful at all times, the material for traffic poles and signage is that which can reflect light or light when it is dark. With the intention of aiming that motorists who go through the road can still see the symbol of the traffic signs that have been installed despite the dark conditions. So, traffic brisbane signs are useful for motorists or road users.

Types of Traffic Signs

There are two types of traffic signs when viewed in terms of installation. That is:

1. Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are signs that are installed when there are certain situations or conditions on a road that are only temporary because it endangers the safety of road users. Like when there is a landslide disaster, usually 50-100 m before installing a sign that signals road users to be careful.

2. Fixed Signs

Fixed signs are fixed traffic signs and are permanent on a road that requires warning signs. Like signs with signposts using the symbol S on the cross or on slashes, the sign is prohibited from stopping.

In addition, the distribution of traffic signs is also seen according to the equipment of traffic signs. There are two namely:

1. Conventional Signs

Conventional signs are traffic signs made of material capable of reflecting light or rays when it is dark either because of the night or the weather. For example signs that use boards and have symbols such as the letter T, S, and others.

2. Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are traffic signs using an electronic system. The point is that technology has been touched so that it is easily rearranged. An example is the warning speaker signs when at an intersection.

Traffic Signs Function

In essence, the function of traffic signs is to support the smoothness and safety of motorists or road users. If specified again the function of the cross sign is as follows:

– To provide information on road conditions.

– Provide information on traffic conditions.

– To support traffic safety campaigns.

– Means of information when there are road improvements.

The functions above are factors that can support the smoothness and safety of motorists or road users.

When seeing in reality, many motorists intentionally violate existing traffic signs, all because of the driver’s selfishness. So it’s only natural that there are still many accidents.

Therefore, we really need to increase self-awareness when driving, and obey to follow the rules of existing traffic signs. So that we can understand and know when we encounter signs such as warning signs, command signs, prohibited signs, and guidance signs. So there is no harm in free time we learn to know all about traffic signs and their meaning. Because driving is very risky for the safety of our lives.