Advantages of Campervan or Motorhome You Should Know

The Corona virus pandemic seems to make many tourists become more “creative” to try new things when traveling. In addition to many who tend to choose a villa to spend the night in order to maintain physical distance, not a few are also starting to try tours with a campervan or motorhome or what is commonly called a caravan car. The experience of traveling with a campervan in America or in other countries is as enjoyable as in New Zealand, the country that first popularized the concept of nomadic tourism.

The tourist experience with a campervan in Iceland is also a lot of interest. Besides that, Motorhome Iceland are always an interesting choice and a new experience for families to travel in the wild.

Some of the advantages that can be obtained when traveling with a campervan:

Find a beautiful place on the way

On the way to your camping destination using a campervan, you can find locations with beautiful views that you can explore.

No crowding with strangers

During a pandemic like this we must follow health protocols, one of which is to stay away from crowds, traveling using a campervan is the right choice for traveling in this pandemic era because we will not be huddled with other people other than in one group.

Get a new and exciting atmosphere

Passing the streets with interesting views on the way to the destination is an exciting thing that we get when traveling using a campervan. We can also get a new atmosphere in every place we pass or stop by.

No need to bother with luggage

When you have to move places, you don’t have to bother with your luggage if you are traveling in a campervan because everything can fit in the car.

The difference between a camper van and a motorhome

Many people do not know the difference between a camper van and a motorhome. This is natural, considering that both have very similar functions and appearances.

Both camper vans and motorhomes are usually equipped with various equipment such as mattresses, kitchenettes, cupboards, and even toilets.

However, the equipment in the camper van is generally more complete because it is used for camping in nature with a short duration.

Meanwhile, a motorhome or home car prioritizes comfort over the need for camping, because it is functioned for longer use.

Although they have slight differences, both campervans and motorhomes are equally suitable to be taken on vacation with family.

Today we will discuss the difference between a campervan and a motorhome.

Maybe all this time you are still confused, where is the difference between these two adventurous cars.

Actually the difference between the two is slight. Even a campervan car is fine if it is called a motorhome, although the difference still exists.

“Perhaps the only difference is its designation, generally campervans are made for short camping trips, while motorhomes are cool to use for a long time,” said Yoyo.

In addition, the difference between a campervan and a motorhome is in its size and facilities. Motorhomes generally have a larger size, in which there are various contents of the house. You could say the facilities at home were moved into the car.

Then the campervan is smaller in size, and the facilities vary from basic to complete.

Motorhomes are generally built with cars that have a longer wheelbase with a larger body. It can even accommodate more than six people depending on its size.

Due to its larger size, driving a motorhome is more difficult than a campervan. Especially if you have to turn around or go through the path.

In addition, the use of fuel will also certainly be more, when viewed from the weight of the vehicle and its electrical needs.

The difference between campervans and other motorhomes is that motorhomes are generally equipped with a small kitchen complete with cooking utensils, up to a shower in the toilet. Like a house in a compact version. Even in it there is a television, air conditioning, to a DVD player

Motorhomes also have a family room that can be turned into a bed. There is also additional storage space that can be accessed for activities outside the vehicle, such as bicycle racks or even motorbikes.

Meanwhile, campervans are generally made of non-permanent equipment. Like a stove, for example, for cooking outside the car.

Even with the bathroom, generally someone who uses a campervan will prefer a public bathroom to defecate or urinate.

This is because the campervan usually does not need a toilet as completeness.

To relax, campervan users usually take advantage of folding chairs and tables that are used to relax outside the car.