Sell more Harley-Davidson OEM parts with an online community

Anyone can have a store and sell OEM parts. However, few companies manage to create a community that believes in their business and makes people choose them to buy the Harley-Davidson OEM parts they need. When we talk about a community we don’t mean having a lot of followers on your social networks. We mean that you, as a company, generate enough support for a large number of people to trust you. This is achieved in different ways.

While it is important to sell Harley-Davidson OEM parts, trust is built through time and dedication. You have to become what is called an “authority figure.” Basically it means that people in your community believe everything you say. But how do you build such a community?

Every community is shaped by consistency, honesty and useful information

To build a community, the last thing you need to do is sell. The idea is that people join in to talk about their tastes in motorcycles and share tips for better maintenance of their bikes. But how do you sell Harley-Davidson OEM parts in your community? The idea is that you post in an organized and scheduled way, useful information about motorcycles and OEM parts such as tips, tricks, performance data, etc.

As trust in you grows, people in your community will buy the Harley-Davidson OEM parts they need from your store. This is what is known as indirect selling. It’s about putting a need or solution in your customers’ minds that they hadn’t considered before. Remember, as a company your goal is to offer solutions to your customers.

Be responsible when talking about Harley-Davidson OEM parts in your community

Remember that building a community on the internet takes months to build and seconds to destroy. Before posting anything, always double check that the information is correct and well written. Don’t give out misinformation about Harley-Davidson OEM parts with the intention of selling more. Remember that there are many people who can spot your lie and expose you. In fact, people value honesty even if they don’t like the answer.

You must also learn to deal with people who want to sabotage your Harley-Davidson OEM parts community. There are several videos on YouTube that show you how to deal with this type of situation. If you stay ethical in your communication, everything will be fine. It’s not about doing it fast, it’s about doing it right. Your efforts will pay off.