What Commercial Drivers Can Do in Case of a Breakdown

If you drive for a living, there’s no greater disaster than when your vehicle suddenly stops working. For truckers, time is money. With your rig out of action, you’re losing both. Have you planned what you’ll do while awaiting roadside assistance? Follow these tips to make the best of a bad situation.

Safety First

Whatever your freight or vehicle’s value, your personal safety is always the prime concern. Any other advice is useless if it puts you in harm’s way. Your life is the most precious cargo you’ll ever carry.

What’s the Problem?

Some mechanical malfunctions can be quickly fixed with a bit of basic know-how. First, figure out the source of the trouble. If it’s something you can solve yourself, it’s worth your time to take out your toolkit and get to work. For a company truck, be sure to tell your bosses about your roadside repairs for their records.

Better Call Your Boss

If you’re responsible for your rig, you should know the resources available along your route for handling big rig towing and repair. Search online for truck tire service near me or something similar to find emergency road services in your area. Things are easier when you’re employed by a company, even if you dread the inevitable conversation with dispatch. Just bear in mind that breakdowns are part of the business, so companies have procedures in place for such an occasion, including an open account with a roadside support service.

Stay Where You Are

Remain in your rig, or as close as safely possible, until receiving further instructions from your manager or another authority. Staying in your vehicle is a way to protect your truck, your load, and yourself from outside dangers. You’ll also be on hand to talk to the highway patrol and towing company agents.

Most importantly, don’t panic. Take as much control over your circumstances as you can by taking the correct actions.

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