Boating Tips for Beginners

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Boating Tips for Beginners

If you have recently purchased a new boat, you might be counting down the days until the weekend or your next vacation. You envision a sunny day and smooth water. However, as experienced boater will tell you, there should be some planning before you take out the new boat. Here are some tips for having a great first experience.

Plan on Mother Nature

Check the weather before you decide to put the boat in. Weather can change in a instant, and being new to boating isn’t the time to figure out how to handle a storm.

Pack Your Essentials

Always pack more water and food than you plan on eating. There aren’t any places to stop on the water to help you out if you run out of supplies. Packing well also includes a toolbox full of the essentials in the event of a mechanical problem.  A discount boat parts store can help you keep spare parts on board. You should also keep a first aid kit on board.

Plan on Layered Clothing

While it might be bright and sunny on land, the open water might be a bit colder. Keep a jacket or dress in layers to always be prepared for what the weather might bring.

Practice Before You Get There

The boat ramp isn’t the time to be practicing your backing up and steering abilities. Boaters want to get right in and on their way, and there will be a lot of frustration if you block the ramp on launch day.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Docking your boat isn’t a race, but slow and steady will make sure you look like a winner when you pull in. Docking too quickly can damage the boat, another watercraft, or the dock itself. Its okay to back up and try again if things aren’t going well.

By carefully planning your trip, you can avoid a lot of rookie mistakes the first time you take your boat out. This way, your first trip will be a wonderful vision of what is to come.

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