3 Car Maintenance and Repair Jobs You Can Do Yourself

3 Car Maintenance and Repair Jobs You Can Do Yourself

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Sick of going to the dealership or auto body shop for every little repair and maintenance task for your vehicle? Luckily, there are a few things you can do yourself with little to no automotive experience.

Clean Corroded Battery Terminals

While problems like a catalytic converter failure or a smoke test vacuum leak require a decent amount of skill and hard to find equipment, making sure your car battery is in good working condition can be done effortlessly with a few items from your garage or local auto body shop. Minor corrosion can easily be cleaned using a wire brush, felt pads, and baking soda and water. Have some extra funds to spare? Invest in an anti-corrosion spray to minimize future cleanings down the road.

Test and Change Your Coolant

Testing and changing your coolant are important vehicle maintenance routines that can save you from having to deal with future radiator, heater core, and water pump failure. Testing your coolant can be done by dipping a voltmeter or multimeter right into your coolant and reading the voltage. Anything over 0.4 volts and your coolant is ready to be replaced. Or stay ahead of the damage and change your coolant when recommended; 40,000 kilometers for green coolant and 160,000 for extended-life coolant.

Replace Your Air Filter

This maintenance routine may not affect the overall functionality of your automobile, but it can sure make you and your passengers are more comfortable during those hot summer months and the frigid winters. A dirty and clogged cabin air filter puts a lot of strain on your car’s A/C system and can reduce the amount of heat you get during cold weather. Ideally, your air filter should be changed at least once a year.

There are lots of things you can do yourself to keep your car in good driving condition. These small investments of time and money can save you from even more devastating repairs in the future.