What to Do After a Shopping Cart Collides with a Vehicle

After a quick trip to the store, a customer walks out and sees that his or her vehicle has been hit by a shopping cart. Upon inspection, he or she may find some damage, which is even more upsetting. This is a common occurrence in parking lots, especially during busy hours when there are not enough cart corrals for the overflowing carts. The vehicle’s owner must contact the authorities, investigate the store, and repair the damage if applicable.

Notify the Authorities

As soon as the damage is noticed, the individual must call the authorities. Once they arrive, a report will be completed. This is important for both legal and insurance procedures. If the individual who caused the damage is caught, this report will help the owner to pursue damages. In addition, the insurance provider may require the report.

Assessing the Damage

While waiting for the authorities, the vehicle should be inspected thoroughly. Take note of all of the damage caused by the cart, and look for additional damage on the body of the vehicle or evidence of tampering. Check tires for signs of tampering or attempted damage, check doors and windows for attempted break-ins, and ensure that nothing is missing from the vehicle. Be sure that all damage is included in the report. Afterwards, the owner may want to get quotes for paintless dent repair st. louis for small dings and dents, or quotes for more extensive damage if applicable.

Request Security Footage and Employee Meeting

Once the authorities have finished, request that they obtain security footage from the store and any surrounding stores that may have caught the incident. There is also a possibility that an employee did the damage when collecting carts, and the store should be notified. Managers can meet with employees to discuss the incident and review their cart-collecting procedures to prevent damage and injuries in the future. The day can quickly become sour when someone finds out that their vehicle has been hit by a shopping cart. While this is not what someone might expect to happen while grocery shopping, it does occur; as unfortunate as it is, it must be handled quickly and efficiently.

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