Road bully incident in Petaling Jaya captured on video – Bezza driver gets threatened with stick for honking

Road bully incident in Petaling Jaya captured on video – Bezza driver gets threatened with stick for honking

Even in this age where video footage can be recorded on-demand, emotions still get the better of motorists despite the strong possibility of their outbursts being captured as evidence, as this incident in Petaling Jaya, Selangor has shown.

From the footage recorded by a passenger in the Perodua Bezza in this video, the driver of the Bezza was confronted by another driving a Nissan Sentra who was furiously signalling for the Bezza driver to pull over and stop, ostensibly for a prior conflict on the road before the video began.

The Bezza driver obliged, and both drivers involved got out of their vehicles for the exchange, which was especially heated on one side. Here, the Sentra driver briefly returned to his car to retrieve and wield what appeared to be a wooden stick, and had even momentarily raised it to take a swing. Thankfully, the latter action did not follow through.

Within the comment thread to the video, the author of the post who recorded the video said that the conflict arose due to the Bezza driver honking the driver of the Sentra. Meanwhile, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) responded to the author of the video post on Twitter, asking those involved to make a police report.

In such a scenario, it is best to stay calm and continue on your own way as safely as possible; most times, the best way to defuse the situation is to avoid further confrontation. If you can help it, between the flight-or-fight type of responses, try to choose the former.

If you are forced to stop, as the case was for this Bezza driver, try to remain in your vehicle with your doors locked, even though curiousity, or a natural reaction is to confront. If there is any threat to your safety during the episode, as clearly there has been in this case, make a police report after the incident. As with incidents involving crashes, a functioning dashcam to provide evidence will be invaluable here, so if you have yet to buy a dash cam, it would be advisable do so as soon as budget permits.