Radar RD6 launched in China – Proton X90-based EV pick-up truck with 632 km range, priced from RM116k

Radar RD6 launched in China – Proton X90-based EV pick-up truck with 632 km range, priced from RM116k

Having made its debut in July, the Radar RD6 electric pick-up truck has been launched in China with a starting price of 178,800 yuan (RM116k). This is based on the Geely Haoyue VX11 SUV, which will form the basis of the Proton X90 seven-seater SUV due to launch next year.

Measuring 5,260 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,830 mm tall with a wheelbase of 3,120 mm, the Radar RD6 is similar in size to the Toyota Hilux, according to Car News China; the double-cab version of the Toyota pick-up measures 5,325 mm long, 1,900 mm wide and 1,815 mm tall with a wheelbase of 3,085 mm.

The RD6 is offered in China with several battery choices, beginning with the base variant offering that features a 62 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery that yields a claimed 400 km of range.

Next in the range are two 86 kWh battery variants which use a NMC (nickel-cobalt-manganese) ternary battery that offers a range of 550 km, while the range-topping RD6 pick-up gets a 100 kWh NMC ternary battery that is good for 632 km, and supports 120 kW charging, according to Autohome. Home charging can be done at up to 11 kW AC, according to the Radar website.

Motive power for the Radar RD6 comes from a single rear axle motor producing 200 kW or 272 PS, which will propel the RD6 from 0-100 km/h acceleration benchmark in 6.9 seconds. The RD6 also has a minimum turning radius of 6.1 m, according to Radar. Though this means the RD6 does without front axle propulsion for full 4WD, the SEA architecture it is built on offers that possibility.

Inside, much of the cabin’s front end appears carried over from the Geely Haoyue, as we have seen from earlier images of the RD6 interior. This sharing of the dashboard architecture means the use of the dual 12.3-inch displays, along with a nine-inch full-colour head-up display for the driver, and the cabin of the pick-up truck gets 72-colour ambient lighting as voice as voice-controlled functions.

In terms of safety equipment, the Radar RD6 gets Level 2+ driving assistance, including intelligent pilot, autonomous emergency braking, rear collision warning and others for a total of 12 active safety functions. Passive safety is by six airbags.

The cargo bed of the Radar RD6 features six electricity outlets that can supply up to 2,000 watts, which Radar says is equivalent to the supply of up to five household air-conditioners. In addition to the 1,200 litres of external cargo, the RD6 will also accommodate 70 litres of luggage space, as well as 48 litres for valuables.

In China, the Radar RD6 starts from 178,800 yuan (RM116k) for the base variant, and goes up to 268,800 yuan (RM173k) for the top version with the largest 100 kWh battery that yields driving range of up to 632 km.