Obama In Cuba On Historic Visit

Obama In Cuba On Historic Visit

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Diogenes – I’m positive some of these abandoned cars have been of their current places for more than 50 years. It’s amazing how long they’ve lasted! I’m certain the vans within the desert are preserved by the dry local weather – they even have paint left on them. Thanks for stopping in to read and comment! One day, I will do a Hub on the Last Day of School, a.k.a. BURN-OUT DAY! I nonetheless have some photos, but sadly not of the GTO. Great hub a few unique topic. Loved these pictures of abandoned vehicles and trucks. Before I read the reasons I was also thinking Bonnie & Clyde shoot out!

David Paul Wagner – Thanks so much on your comments on my article. I find it irresistible when we come across a number of the old rusted automobiles of yesteryear in our travels. They are always a surprise and I get pleasure from imagining the stories behind them. Thanks for stopping by! Millionaire Tips – I noticed many of these previous deserted cars and vehicles within the west and I’ve ever seen on the east coast. I assume they’re easy to miss as they can be overgrown with brush and weeds or hidden within the woods. Thank you for stopping by to view my gallery and remark! suzettenaples – Some of these cars jogged my memory of Bonnie and Clyde, too. I imagine that all of them have interesting stories to tell…if only they might discuss! Thanks in your comment!

But while on the floor Cuba seems to be a treasure trove of American classics, the provenance of most of these autos is very poor. Although a lot of their homeowners have an enormous fondness for his or her automobiles, the vehicles aren’t being maintained as vintage items and instead they’ve been run on a day-to-day foundation for many years, receiving solely the most sensible repairs. As the Cuban-American rapprochement progressed there had been some hypothesis that American auto-collectors would bounce on the likelihood to buy up examples of 40s and 50s classics, and produce them again to the States for restoration.

I personally braved the insect and snake infested wilds of the Black Hills, Arizona Desert and the Tennessee hills to photograph these deserted cars and trucks, so I really feel quite possessive in direction of my images. Please do not copy these photographs or any part of this text with out specific permission from Stephanie Henkel. Thank you! I can remember the fun all of us had again in the 60′ and 70’s smoking our tires down essential road, and then later watching all the great old boys being pressured to take their want for speed on to the tracks, or the dry lake beds throughout the California Desert.