Maintaining the Efficiency of a Diesel Engine

Gas powered engines by their very nature produce air bubbles and vapor when they are in use. This is because liquid fuel does not stay still when a vehicle is in motion. The presence of these elements in an engine can lead to inefficient and eventually dangerous side effects, which is especially disconcerting when dealing with diesel-powered truck engines. Fortunately, there are systems that can solve these issues.

Diesel Engine Challenges

As fuel sloshes inside an engine while the truck is in motion, vapors and air bubbles naturally form. These elements can cause all sorts of complications, including delayed fuel injection. By its very nature, fuel injection requires a balanced mixture of air and fuel to operate efficiently, but the formation of air bubbles can disrupt this balance. As a result, engines run less efficiently due to delays in injection timing. Fuel will begin to be consumed more quickly, exhaust emissions increase, and the vehicle itself will be underpowered. Worst of all, the fuel injectors themselves will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced.

Solutions for an Efficient Diesel Engine

Needless to say, it is impossible to prevent diesel fuel from moving around in an engine as the truck is in motion. As an alternative, engines should be equipped with a fuel-air separation system. These systems are designed to remove air bubbles and vapors from the engine. Fuel passes through the water separator before it enters the fuel pumps, then into fuel filters before reaching the engine free of air bubbles. Each system should be equipped with the latest airdog parts and regularly maintained in order to ensure maximum efficiency and care for your engine.

In the deadline-driven trucking industry, efficiency is a major key to success. By ensuring your truck and its engine are operating at the optimal level, deliveries will arrive on time with minimal fuel and emission waste.

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