Latest Budget Cars by Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group is considered as the largest car makers in the world in terms of volume. The brand has made its presence felt in the market with some of the best cars in the mass market with several cars, the brand is also known to have made several budget cars as well. One can find the cars of wide range from this brand including even the budget cars from this brand. How about checking the latest budget cars by this brand as under:

Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 SE PZEV FWD 4-Dr Sedan I4

One of the latest car from this brand comes in the form of Jetta 1.8 SE PZEV FWD 4-Dr Sedan I4. It is known to come with a cost of around $ 18,895, while talking about the features, it has Fuel Economy 26 MPG city / 36 MPG highway that comes to around the cost range of $15,695 to $30,875. The value rating average of the cost happens to be Average that has the engine with the specifications of 2.0L I4, 1.8L I4 and the body style can be termed as Sedan.

Volkswagen Golf TSI Launch Edition FWD 2-Dr Hatchback I4

Another can that can be included in this list includes Volkswagen Golf TSI Launch Edition FWD 2-Dr Hatchback I4, which comes at the cost of MSRP $17,995. Now, talking about its features, it has the Fuel Economy 25 MPG city / 37 MPG highway, while the range of cost for this car range $17,995 to $39,090. As per experts, the Value Rating of this car from the said brand is regarded as Excellent while the Engine comes along with 2.0L I4, 1.8L I4 and the body styles come up with the features like Wagon and Hatchback.

Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 S FWD 4-Dr Sedan I4

This can be called as the latest one from the brand, which comes at the range of USD 17,895 for the customers. Now, talking about the feature of this car, the Fuel Economy come along at the 28 MPG city per 40 MPG highway, while the MSRP range is around $17,895 – $28,995. The value rating of the car happens to be average while the Engine comes with the specification of 1.8L I4, 2.0L I4, 1.4L I4 and the body styles can be counted as Sedan.

SUV: One of the first car to be discussed in this list is the compact SUV. Interestingly, this car would be sold out by both the brands including Volkswagen and Skoda badges like the way the Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento are seen getting sold in the current market. The SUV is certainly expected to be a big rival of the Hyundai Creta. While the version from Skoda can be called to be slightly cheaper than the Volkswagen version. Well, this is going to have an altogether different design.

C-segment sedan: The next car happens to be in this list will be the C-segment sedan. This car comes along with the Eco platform and will be sold by both the brands including Skoda and Volkswagen.

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