Fuel Injection Cleaner Stops Misfires and Prolongs Engine Life

Fuel Injectors are very precise instruments. When working perfectly, they atomize fuel to deliver the ideal ratio of fuel-to-air necessary for efficient combustion. The ratio is calculated using the science of Stoichiometry. The sensors in your car are constantly recalculating the ratio pursuant to a fuel-mapping program. This program is developed partly with the help of on-board computers recording your driving-style. The factors for calculating the ratio depend upon both air and engine temperature, load demands, and atmospheric pressure.

We run into problems from the inconsistent quality of fuel we use and the overnight oxidation of fuel in all cars. Many of the higher-octane fuels contain detergents that promote better injection performance. You may immediately notice a slight increase in performance after running a tank of high-octane by accident. However, cars have been using less and less high-octane fuels over the years due to the economy. And simply adding detergents to the fuel does not remove the moisture. Furthermore, in the winter months, water-contaminated fuel can wreak havoc on your fuel system when it freezes.

Adding b12 fuel injector cleaner at least every 10,000 miles, or when you notice it feeling a bit sluggish, is certain to prolong overall powertrain life. If you have an older car, and you are not sure if it has been treated with fuel injector cleaner before, it is recommended to replace your filter first. Fuel injector cleaners may work so effectively that they will dissolve old gummed-up fuel filters. This may cause a no start issue. But, if this happens, your filter was long overdue for routine replacement anyhow.

The initial effect of running your car on dirty injectors is a loss of performance and fuel efficiency. You will really feel the difference after your first b12 treatment. B12 is the vitamin that our body needs to metabolize energy more efficiently. Using a b12 fuel injection cleaner does the same thing for your car. It helps the car metabolize the fuel energy.

Misfires are dangerous to the overall life of your investment. Subtle to severe misfires are often a direct result of varnished and gummed-up fuel injectors. When your car misfires an excess of energy is exerted in high pressure on the counter cylinders. This effects the balance and overall bearing and crankshaft wear. The fuel may leak down overnight and mix with the oil, diluting its lubricious protection and possibly causing coking. Coking is especially dangerous in turbo engines that rely upon oil-cooling of the intricate assemblies.

If you are not running your car at the ideal fuel-to-air ratio, then you are likely to damage other sensors by running too rich or lean. The expensive platinum-based catalytic converters can easily be clogged up by excessive fuel in the exhaust. Running too lean may rob your car of its power to perform life-saving evasive maneuvers in inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. Your car may cut out completely or suffer premature engine failure from scoring of the pistons and cylinder walls.

In conclusion, considering all the benefits and lack of risks, everyone should be cleaning their injectors with B-12 regularly.

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