Ford EcoSport Recalled In India

Every year, the new model of the car is launched in the automobile industry. The Ford is the highly popular brand that launches the different models of vehicle with the best features and specification. The Ford EcoSport is the popular SUV that best for the high-end feature and driving experience. The new model of Ford EcoSport vehicle is not only for petrol models in facelift that has been launched in the month of November 2017 and March 2018 as well. It manages the updated Powertrain Control Module software. According to the report, the affected vehicle is designed depending on petrol that causes the serious problems. Sometimes, this also affects the battery or sudden damages in the vehicle parts.

 The Ford vehicle has been produced for the greater rate in the month of May previous year. When it comes to the recall option, the alert has been posted on European Commission. This has been caused for the improper controls in the arm wields of the vehicles. The Ford EcoSport has been available with the two petrol engine options that manages all-new motor comes from the dragon family. In fact, it has been tested on the EcoBoost engine and achieves the good results. The three cylinder petrol engines would definitely enhance the performance and speed of the vehicle greatly.  The Ford continues to produce the excellent vehicles with the superb facility.

The new vehicle model engine is boasted with the excellent torque in the range of 123 bhp and 170 Nm. The new SUV is introduced in the month of May in this year have gained more popular among the car lovers for the high tech features and specification. The expansion system and fuel system manages the advanced technology. This is designed based on the latest technology pattern. The latest model comes up with the excellent motor.

Ford EcoSport model has been issued with the No accidents or injuries zones that related to the issues.  It has been stated in the recalled before the issues in the new one. Ford EcoSport manages 7,249 units in the early last month as the affected vehicles have been launched in the November 2017 as well as March 2018.

Ford EcoSport mainly has the turbocharged petrol engine that mainly has different number of options with the better performance and speed without any hassle. With the Torque power of 99 bhp, the performance and speed of the engine of the vehicle has gained a lot. This is the best variant that is also based on high end option for having the 6 manual transmissions. The Maruti Brezza and Tata Nexon is the best competitor of the new model. The new model from Ford keeps up the excellent things that are the positive impact of the buyers today.

Some of the vehicles have the improper Powertrain Control Module and cause the vehicle to the sudden drain of batteries or sudden damage. The engine timing belt tension is the excellent option in the Ford Australia and they have been considered as the Ford EcoSport.

Depending on the different aspects, the Ford India announced the customers have bought the vehicle very soon. This is available in the showroom as soon as possible in the year.