A Commercial Driver’s License and Its Potential Benefits for You

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Driving is a skill most Americans learn at an early age. However, most of us have no experience driving big trucks or buses, which come with their own set of challenges. Special qualifications are needed to safely operate such large and heavy vehicles. Chief among these is a commercial driver’s license or CDL. If you yearn for the open road and have confidence in your driving abilities, there are definitely opportunities for a high-paying and rewarding career. You likely won’t need any special education, but a valid CDL is necessary to perform most of these jobs.

What Can You Do With a CDL?

A commercial driver’s license unlocks a new realm of career possibilities. There are local CDL jobs Charlotte NC available in urban and rural areas, including in many places where good jobs are hard to find. Depending on where you live, jobs can range from operating construction equipment, driving a bus for your local municipality or school district, or making deliveries for warehouse companies.

However, the most lucrative CDL jobs are in over-the-road trucking. There is currently a shortage of qualified truck drivers, so trucking schools and companies are offering full and partial scholarships. Once you’re hired, the major companies provide generous pay and benefits packages for this semi-skilled work.

CDL Classes and Endorsements

Exactly which jobs are open to you will depend on which class of license you have. CDLs are classified into A, B, and C. A Class A license certifies you to drive especially weighty vehicles (tractor-trailers, truck and trailer combinations, flatbeds, etc.) Class B covers most kinds of trucks and buses. Class C is for passenger vans and the transportation of hazardous materials(HazMat.) You’ll also need to apply for the appropriate endorsements on your CDL to drive some of these vehicles (P for passenger vehicles, H for HazMat, S for school buses, etc.)

How To Get Your CDL

CDLs are issued by each state, which sets its own standards for training. State commercial driving tests must meet minimum federal guidelines, including a written highway safety test and a knowledge test on the parts of a truck. A minimum score of 80{a7b644a18f9882d02f860c96adb870667f8f016567a633d780474361b304c663} is required to pass. Driving tests are administered in a vehicle that the driver intends to operate.

Commercial driving work is a growing sector of the job market, with good prospects of a continued boom. Earn your CDL and cash in on a stable source of income in the years ahead.