5 Gadgets Every Truck Driver Should Have In The Cabin

Truck drivers often spend significant periods of time in their cabins during long hauls. Making the most of the time and ensuring you’re happy, comfortable and healthy is extremely important. Unfortunately, rules and regulations exist that prohibit truckers from bringing certain items along.


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This is why we’ve compiled a list of items that you can take with that’ll make those endless highways and winding roads a little more enjoyable. These modern innovations will make you smile, add some much-needed comfort to the ride and, most importantly, keep you safe.

GPS Tracker

Having the right truck GPS tracking system in your vehicle can mean the difference between losing your load, along with potentially your job, and being able to successfully locate your truck at any given moment. Ituran’s system has a variety of features, including full vehicle and driver reports, analysis of driver behavior, location and job progress, making it an essential tool for any truck driver.

Wireless Speaker

If your truck’s audio system is a far cry from ideal, you might have considered wearing a headset plugged into your smartphone. But the noise-canceling nature of headsets makes them extremely dangerous for driving, so an alternative needs to be considered.

This is where a small wireless speaker can come in handy. Simply hook it up to your smartphone via Bluetooth, place it somewhere convenient and let the music soothe your soul. Most can be recharged via the same micro USB cable your other devices use, so running out of power should never be a concern.

Cooler Box

A large percentage of truck drivers lives are at risk due to certain factors of long-haul truck driving that affect their health. This includes a lack of healthy food at convenience stores and gas stations where drivers stop to fill their stomachs. Be an outlier from the statistics by stocking up on prepped healthy food and bringing it along in a cooler box.


Long hauls under the summer sun are bound to make you sweat. This means sweaty, smelly clothes, and nobody wants those. With a washbag, you can keep your garments clean on the go. The Scrubba Washbag features a complete mobile cleaning solution including inflatable coat hangers, a wash bag, packing cell, and clothesline.

Travel Journal

While not exactly a gadget, a travel journal is an awesome way to keep track of your trip. You can also note down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas at any given moment. This can give you something to reflect on, as well as providing a record of events in case of an emergency.

If you’re looking for something that’ll last, considered Moleskine’s line of hardcover travel journals. They come fitted with trip planning information, calendars, and adhesive labels, allowing you to organize and plan with precision.


In the words of Emmert Wolf, “A man is only as good as his tools.” Being equipped with the right ones can save you a time and hassle.

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