Month: June 2021

Workshop Manuals vs Factory Service Manuals & Where To Find One

The best way to obtain a factory service manual | Autotent

Let’s talk car manuals. Whenever someone buys equipment or anything technical, it comes with a manual detailing the parts and how everything works. 

Manuals are helpful not only to customers but to technical specialists as reference on how to maintain a car or how to fix something when the car isn’t working as it should. It works well even to help prevent catastrophes or breakdowns before they happen.

However what kinds of manuals exist and where can we get access to these when we need to. Theirs is almost an overlap between an owner’s manual and a service manual. We should distinguish between the different kinds of manuals that are available so that car owners will know which manual they should use for which problem:

An owner’s manual

This is can be defined as a user guide on instructional manual. This manual is supplied along with the car and the … Read more

3 Tips for Restoring an Old Truck

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Pickup trucks are the workhorses of the American vehicle. Understandably, many of these hardworking trucks end up looking pretty beat up after years of hard use. If you have an old truck that could use some love, these tips will help you restore it to its former glory.

1. Research the Parts You Need

Some popular truck models are easy to find parts for. However, some models require much more research. If you have a less common type of truck, check parts networks and newsletters for the parts you need. It may also be worthwhile to read truck restoration forums for potential sources. You may be able to save some time and money on your restoration by purchasing used pickup truck bodies for sale.

2. Set a Budget

Restoring an old truck may be a labor of love, but most people do not have unlimited resources. Before you start, … Read more